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A designer who chose to trade in the busy streets of Bruges for a quiet life amongst the trees in the Ardennes. This tranquility can also be found in his collection. With a meticulous and careful approach, he handcrafts the bowl that holds the stone with absolute precision.


This Greek artisans work is quite new to our collection, but delivers precious designs. Being able to combine the finest elements of simplicity together with a refined natural feel. These pieces are designed to envelop and embrace the human body.

The winner of the inhorgenta award 2023. In the category designer of the year.


Designed by Eva Maldoy after having studied interior architecture, she found her way into jewelry design. You’ll find tight and strict lines, together with a playful design in her work. Something that can be worn on a daily basis, but with an edge to it that makes it unique.


With over a decade of experience, this team of highly skilled goldsmiths manufacture timeless, luxurious pieces. Pairing up contrasts while welcoming outspoken lines, embodying the elegance of these hand crafted designs.


Having worked together with Ralf for the longest time he kind of has become our ‘artist-in-residence’. He handles special requests and customizations, especially in wedding rings. With a dedicated focus towards rings, his design encompasses a very organic, playful and distinctive style. From rings that are for day-to-day wear, to bombastic powerpieces.


A mother and daughter design team from the Netherlands. Combining different colors and organic forms, they create authentic pieces with high-quality materials. Using round and playful designs this collection holds a warmth and sense of authenticity.


All Deco Echo jewellery is manufactured in a small workshop in Krakow, Poland using traditional silversmith techniques. Silver is treated in different ways to obtain a wide range of unusual shapes, colours and textures that make the jewellery so unique.


Sema Sezen finds inspiration in the multifold shapes and formations of nature. The result is a synthesis of precious metal and modern design with handmade quality. Primarily it is Jewellery that is distinctive, pure and elegant making a unique, simple statement – like the designer would like to wear herself.


Originating from a wide background filled with creative enterprises, this team operates out of the old Antwerp liqueur distillery; Elixir d’Anvers.
With timeless pieces of jewelry that embrace the organicness of nature, these artisans are able to channel their jollyness into the beautiful silver creations specific to Wouters & Hendrix.

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